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        Submission Part 1: Registration and Agreement

Submission Part 1: Registration and Agreement

WELCOME: These Instructions pertain whether you are submitting your materials via the Internet or by mail.


1) Please read carefully. This document constitutes the only agreement you will have with Mainstreet Musicals, Inc.
2) Provide the information requested on the form below:
3) FEE: The Submission Fee for Evaluation is $50. Please mail a check to the address at the bottom of this form.
4) After you fill out the form, please click "SUBMIT".
5) Within 72 hours you will receive another webform called a SNAPSHOT. Shortly after we receive that completed form, we will send you an invitation to join a Dropbox folder (an Internet-based file-transfer system) containing a document called INSTRUCTIONS - which includes a list of required materials to be uploaded into the folder.

With this submission, you represent and guarantee that THE INDIVIDUALS LISTED BELOW HAVE SOLE OWNERSHIP RIGHTS TO THIS MUSICAL ("WORK").

You understand that in submitting this work you are agreeing to give Mainstreet Musicals, Inc. ("MAINSTREET") non-exclusive rights to read and evaluate the work and to enter it, at Mainstreet’s sole option, in any of Mainstreet’s competitions. If your work is then "selected" in any of these competitions, you agree to give Mainstreet non-exclusive permission to present all - or portions - of your work on our website or in live public Concert-Readings in participating Mainstreet Festivals including Mainstreet’s Campus Musicals program.

1) DIRECTORS’ CHOICE AWARDS: A work that is given a "recommending grade" ("B" or better) from two Evaluators receives Mainstreet’s Directors’ Choice Award certificate and is entered as a Semi-finalist in Mainstreet’s annual AWARDS competition.
2) MAINSTREET AWARD FINALISTS: Each year, from the Semi-finalists submitted before October 1st, Mainstreet's Awards Jury selects six (6) Finalists.
3) MAINSTREET AWARD WINNERS: Following the selection of the Finalists, three (3) Winners are chosen by Mainstreet’s Guest Artistic Director, a distinguished member of the musical theater community appointed annually.
4) AUDIENCE PRIZE: Local Festivals have the option to participate in Mainstreet’s Audience Awards program. Locally-raised prize-money, earmarked for some local next-step development activity, is awarded to one of the works featured in the local Festival.

All FINALISTS are made available to participating Campus Musicals programs in which college students may select scenes to prepare for class, or a complete work to prepare and present as a Concert-Reading.
All WINNERS receive "concert-reading" presentations in all participating Mainstreet Festivals during the current Festival Season. Thereafter, they are made available to participating Campus Musicals programs.

PLEASE NOTE: MAINSTREET EVALUATIONS AND COMPETITIONS ARE "DOUBLE-BLIND"… i,e, neither you nor the evaluators will have access to each other's names or other personal or contact information.

TERMS: If your work receives a Mainstreet Award, you will be informed of all regional Festival (and Campus) performance schedules. Your presence at these performances is encouraged but you must make those arrangements with the Affiliates. Please understand that Festival Affiliates (the Festival producers) reserve the right to make all final decisions regarding performance location and casting. Festival Affiliates may wish to consult with you regarding minor changes they feel are necessary and reasonable in the ordinary course of production. Mainstreet will facilitate those inquiries.

Creators will be informed and their permission requested if a song from their show is selected for The Mainstreet Songbook.

It is not Mainstreet’s policy to require or request from you any additional fees or funding. Festival Affiliates will cover the essential costs involved in preparing and performing the Concert-Readings of your work.

NOTE: The entire purpose of Mainstreet’s "use" of your work is to enhance its chances of being optioned and produced. Mainstreet will not be involved in the production of this work beyond its possible inclusion in the above referenced Mainstreet programs.

You understand that Mainstreet is not responsible for the opinions of Mainstreet Evaluators. These individuals operate completely independently of Mainstreet Musicals’ administration. They are not paid by Mainstreet, and do not act as its agents or employees.

You further understand that, though Mainstreet will include the title of your work in our published Archive, you retain the right to have your work presented anywhere else at any time. This agreement in no way prohibits you from negotiating and securing production of the whole or any part of this work elsewhere.

If this agreement reflects your understanding, please provide the information requested below.
However, if your work has been previously produced commercially, or is currently under option to a producer or a theatre company, Mainstreet will evaluate your work but will not consider it for our Mainstreet Awards programs.




Submissions adapted without permission will receive Evaluation Reports but they are ineligible for our competitions.







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Are you interested in discussing your work or engaging a dramaturg?

PLEASE send a check made out to MAINSTREET MUSICALS, INC. in the amount of $50 for FULL EVALUATION SERVICE - or $25 for COMPETITION ONLY to:

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Remember to include the TITLE OF SHOW on the check face.