Document Control/Document Management Services

Process / Procedures Definition, Training, Support

Effective document control processes and procedures are essential to document management. HBMG will work with you to define these processes and procedures, train your staff in their use, and support your project or organization in their implementation.

Hardcopy Document Scanning / Indexing / Filing

HBMG's team of document management professionals can assist you with the transition from hard copy to digital information management. We can scan your documents into your content management system, and ensure they are indexed and filed based on your project or organizationally specific document taxonomy.

Formal Transmittal Processing

When your project requires a formal transmittal for correspondence or document package submittal, HBMG can assist your team to ensure that those transmittals and the critical information they hold are processed effectively, keeping your information up to date, accessible, and secure.

Open Records Request Identification / Compliance

HBMG will work with your team to make sure that your organization or project identifies and complies with applicable open records request rules specific to the scope and location of your project or organization.

Project Management
HBMG's project management personnel at your site provides real-world project management insight, skills, and extensive experience in project management processes and tools to effectively create, manage, and implement projects. HBMG’s team ensures project scope, schedules, and budget are maintained. Proven PMI techniques and methodologies coupled with future-proofing project management skills ensure success.

HBMG Project Management Benefits:

  • Project is implemented with a future-facing vision
  • Proven Project Management Institute (PMI) practices
  • Real-world experience creating and managing projects
  • Industry-leading tools quickly implement, plan, and execute projects

Public Involvement Services

Public Involvement Process Definition and Compliance

Many state and federal projects not only require public involvement but are enhanced by it. HBMG will work with your team to identify those requirements, and help to ensure that your project is not only compliant, but that you are getting the most out of this important part of the project's overall goals.

Public Comment Recording / Reporting

HBMG's team of experts has specific experience in enabling a public comment records system that collects important data from the commentor, complies with reporting requirements, streamlines the process, and is easy to use. HBMG can help you identify the requirements of your recording and reporting needs and tailor a system to meet your goals.

Public Meeting Facilitation

HBMG's team of public involvement specialists can assist you in creating public meetings that clearly set expectations, are well planned, informative and properly interactive, and engage the public. Take the stress out of public meetings by collaborating with HBMG.

Strategic Planning

HBMG can provide people at your site to deliver services in areas such as scenario planning, terrain mapping of technology, services, and stakeholders, and strategic planning. These managed services will reach back to our Strategic Futures and Insights team to give our client the benefit of the teams’ experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

IT Support Services
HBMG offers everything from Level 1 help desk support to full IT department coverage. We use expertise in planning, procurement, setup, and management of network, server, and workstation infrastructure, plus our flexibility, to allow us to tailor our services to the specific needs of your organization. HBMG’s IT support services clients ranging from enterprise-level statewide projects to small businesses.

Network Design

HBMG utilizes a multi-layer approach to ensure our network designs do three things: meet your business needs, stay agile and flexible for the short and long term, and properly secure your environment with the best cost of ownership possible.

Capacity Planning

HBMG works to increase the efficiency of your network by minimizing the discrepancy between capacity and demand. HBMG takes a future facing system and business wide approach to capacity planning enabling businesses to lead, lag, or match depending on their needs.

Technology Selection

HBMG's team of experts is familiar with most of the technology out there. That's because this isn't just a day job to to them, they love technology. Whether it is continuing education or personal passion, HBMG stays on the cutting edge. We are able to help you find the right technology for your specific needs. From cameras and printers to bladed servers and routers, HBMG can find you the best technology at the best price.

Business Continuity Planning

In this increasingly evolutionary time it has become more important than ever for businesses to prepare for incidents that may interrupt critical business functions. HBMG will help you reduce operational risk, protect your information and get back on track quickly with effective business continuity planning.

Disaster Recovery Planning

In today's environment organizations have to prepare for both internal and external threats that may effect their IT infrastructure. HMBG works to put the right processes, policies, and procedure in place to protect your application, data, hardware, communications and reputation.

IT Systems and Data Backup and Recovery Plans, Processes, and Services

As part of effective business continuity and disaster recovery planning, it is essential that organizations have an effective, secure back up and recovery plan in place for business-essential data. HBMG can create a strategy, build processes, implement your plan, and host your data for you.

Data Center Management

HBMG is experienced in the assessment, design, and implementation of effective data center management solutions. We can also manage or host your computer or storage systems and telecommunications. Our professionals utilize the best practices to ensure that proper back up and recovery, redundancy, and security measures are in place, keeping your business-critical components safe and available 24 hours a day.

Implementation of Site Network Topology

Connecting network design and management best bractices with business processes, HBMG implements network topology with security, information management and sharing, and people in mind.

IT Infrastructure: Installation, Configuration, Administration, and Support

HBMG can use your project or business plan as the roadmap to handle every level of your IT infrastructure implementation. We'll work closely with your organization to ensure that an effective solution is executed, and that knowledge transfer is timely and complete.

Hardware and Platform Software Deployment

HBMG will develop a plan and create a schedule to minimize business disruption, and make certain that hardware and software assets have been properly configured and tested for installation. We'll follow up with product support and training as well.

Software Product Procurement, Installation, and Support

HBMG will help you clearly define your software needs, then find the right product. We'll seemlessly integrate it into your system, and follow up with support, knowledge transfer and training.

Network Operating System Setup

An effective Network operating system is essential to business process management. HBMG will work with you to assess your specific needs, and then implement a solution to manage access to network resources such as data, applications, hardware, and services to maximize efficiency and collaboration.

Pre-Deployment Testing

HBMG has the systems in place to test hardware and software configurations and installation procedures before deployment, minimizing downtime and enabling the smoothest installation and transition possible.

Onsite Help Desk

HBMG can provide experienced, responsive, onsite help desk services to your project or organization, allowing you to focus on your goals. These help desk assets range from desktop user support to network and server farm experts, all available at a moments notice to ensure productivity and business continuity.

Remote End User Support

HBMG provides remote end user support, providing organizations with the ability to respond to issues quickly and effectively. Whether your organization is large and just needs some additional expertise, or your company is small and requires enterprise-level experience without the overhead of an IT team, HBMG can meet your needs by providing timely and flexible IT support.

Seat Management: End User / Workstation Administration

HBMG can reduce your cost of operation and improve performance by implementing an effective seat management solution. Our team can not only coordinate installation, but help with operation and maintenance of the hardware and software at each workstations in your network, thus consolidating and simplifying another aspect of your business process management needs.

Identity Management

HBMG can increase security and establish multi-layer access control for everything from hardware, software, and data, to areas and even rooms within your location. HBMG can help you establish an effective set of identity management processes, procedures, and best practices to keep your organization agile and secure.


HBMG provides multiple levels of troubleshooting services. Our experienced team utilizes a logical, systemic approach to issue identification and resoltuion, and will work with you to reestablish critical business processes quickly.


HBMG provides maintenance services for all of your IT network and security infrastructure needs. We will work with you to establish a maintenance plan with an emphasis on regularity, reliability, thus minimizing the impact on your day-to-day operations, while also ensuring your infrastructure is up to date and available to your customers and employees.


We create solutions for your network; we can also host that network on our secure servers. That means we manage and monitor your hosted environment: the infrastructure and the network. We administer, monitor, update, troubleshoot, patch, and backup data, so you don’t have to spend time and resources doing it yourself.

Technology Migration / Upgrade & Transformation

Technology Upgrade/Migration may be required to increase business functionality, re-engineer a business function, keep current with vendor upgrades or upgrade existing technology. Technology Transformation may be accomplished by converting/migrating legacy applications to new technology either with or without new business functionality, or it may include introducing new technology into the enterprise. Technology Upgrade/Migration may also include providing website content accessibility compliance.

Enterprise Application Integration

To improve connectivity, HBMG takes advantage of resources across platforms, and increases efficiency by integrating systems and applications across your enterprise. HBMG simplifies and automates business processes by linking applications and making them available to the teams that need them without making huge changes to your existing applications or data structures.

Service Oriented Architecture

SOA organizes business software in a granular fashion so that common functions can be used interchangeably by different departments internally and by external business partners. The more granular the components (the more pieces), the more they can be reused. SOA is a way of thinking about IT assets as service components. When functions in a large application are made into stand-alone services that can be accessed separately, they are beneficial to several parties. SOAs are implemented via application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow components to communicate with each other.

Information Technology Assessments and Planning

IT Assessments and Planning may include IT effectiveness, maturity, governance, project management and architecture. Strategic planning activities may include mission statement development, visioning and goals, objectives, and strategy development. Tactical planning may require that actionable plans and roadmaps be provided.