More than Document Management - In today's business environment, our most valuable assets are people, information, and time. Collaboration is key to the strategic optimization of these assets. By empowering your people to manage their time and information efficiently, the eManagers Collaboration Suite acts as a catalyst to increase productivity and decrease cost. With the right document management tool, productivity is increased by enabling your people to access any document from anywhere. Costs are reduced by preventing the circulation of multiple or incorrect document versions. The eManagers Collaboration Suite provides an intuitive, secure, Web-based communication hub that facilitates document management and collaboration between distributed employees, teams, or even different companies. Your people can rely on one central source for the most accurate up-to-date information because eLogs provides one or more secure document libraries that store and manage any type of electronic file.

Benefits of eLogs
  • Easy to find any document
  • Makes content centrally available to all - anytime and from any place
  • Versioning of document updates ensures up-to-date access
  • Eliminates costs associated with lost hardcopies and document mailing
  • Improves responsiveness to your customers
  • Simplifies records management
  • Automates document tracking and auditing
  • Simplifies regulatory compliance preparation
  • Keeps documents secure
  • Reduces demand for physical space
  • Reduces the amount of time and effort spent managing your corporate documents
  • Increases profit with less work
  • Increases operational efficiency across the enterprise
This streamlined, web-based suite allows people, companies, and agencies to work effectively together and securely manage content, processes, and activities online. It is an efficient and affordable solution for document and content management needs.

eManagers is a rapidly deployable, highly configurable application providing centralized user administration and user authentication for security. This module-based application suite can be configured to meet the needs of government or private sector business and can be accessed any time, any where. eManagers offers components that allow companies to capture, store, and retrieve electronic information and readily access content data. The eLogs module of eManagers enables you to efficiently secure, organize, version and control vast amounts of information from various sources in virtually all electronic formats. It provides configurable and easy to use attribute search capabilities to facilitate finding that "one" piece of information you need.

Features of the eLogs Module:

Document Management - Store, organize, access, and share all of your paperwork, documents, and electronic media in a secure centralized repository. Support all types of native file formats, including images, engineering drawings, audio, video and more. Manage millions of files in an organized structure.
  • Easy document check in/check out capabilities
  • Quickly drag and drop documents onto Add screen
  • Send email notifications or quick links to documents
  • Manage confidential documents through group permissions
  • Automated packaging and cross-referencing of document abilities

Quick/Easy Access to any file - Powerful search functionality allows users to easily find what they need, when they need it. Retrieve images, files, data, and text with a single query any time from any where.

Robust Searching - up to seven levels of nested search features
  • All functionality is provided through the Web browser with 24/7 availability
  • Access multiple libraries from a single interface
  • Expanded date search criteria
  • Create saved searches for frequent retrievals
  • Full text search capabilities
  • Search for documents using expanded boolean operators
  • Change sort options instantly
  • Create reports on the fly and export results to Excel or Word instantly
  • Controlled pick lists allow for fast categorization and eliminates spelling and typo errors

Collaboration - Geographically dispersed members can access, store, manage, and share business-critical content. Teams are enabled to develop content without losing document control, preventing information loss.

Versioning allow users to keep up with the latest iteration of documents
Ability to check in/check out and maintain properties for separate versions
View older versions and access full auditing capabilities
Microsoft Office Application Integration - As an added convenience, eLogs is integrated with the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Users can easily upload emails and other documents directly from Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Email Management - Email messages are managed as efficiently as other types of electronic documents. Eliminate the need to search for important content that may reside in multiple locations by having e-mails centrally stored in context with the content or projects to which they pertain.

Effortless Indexing - Powerful indexing capabilities allow for high volume processing of documents. Any user can quickly capture, store and organize business information.

Security - Extensive security measures assures that your information is safe.
  • Password protected access
  • Five successive levels of Permissions allows for control over users access to documents
  • Track all activity by user, date, and action via audit trails
  • Comprehensive audit trail capabilities include task date/time stamp, document originator
  • Version and document history tracked by the system for every modification made to a document