HBMG's line of products is born out of our experience and our desire to exceed our customer's expectations. Our products are designed to provide a secure, scale-able solution at a fraction of the cost and time to implement. Each product comes with installation, configuration, and support services from subject matter experts.


The eManagers suite allows people, companies, and agencies to work effectively together and securely manage content, processes, and activities online. eManagers handles the multi competitive project with secure access and a controlled lexicon without opening up firewalls. eManagers is an efficient and affordable solution for project based document and content management needs. eManagers offers components that allow companies to capture, store, and retrieve electronic information and readily access content data any time, any where. eManagers features a number of easily configurable and installable specialized modules that enable you to efficiently secure, organize, version and control vast amounts of information from various sources in virtually all electronic formats. These modules allow companies to quickly and effectively tailor collaboration functionalities to their needs. Manage your projects' operations, and delegate, track, and manage tasks to the appropriate partners and contractors on each team. It provides configurable and easy to use attribute search capabilities to facilitate finding that "one" piece of information you need. (Learn More)

  • eLogs
  • PI Logs - public involvement
  • Ball in Court - task manager
  • Corporate Processes - time cards, purchasing, travel, and corporate reporting & forms
  • Dashboard Framework - secure portal, automated summary reporting system, and drive-down user interface
  • Package Management
  • Expert Assistance - electronic checklist
  • Review - indexing
  • ROW - Right of Way
  • Condemnation
  • CAT - contract administration tool
  • Records Management - retention and removal of records with adherance to corporate and legal requirements
  • Email
  • Bulk Uploader
  • MIMS - material inspection and management system
  • Utility Tracker

Custom Web Portals and Procurement Sites

We develop web based portals for a wide variety of applications with high functionality allowing you to show documents, submit reports, organize and handle billion dollar procurement, and manage complex tasks over wide geographical areas. Our professional staff will work with you to create the site you need.