SeaPort Enhanced Catalogue
SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) is a contracting method to announce, receive and award Navy and Marine Corps virtual systems command task orders to approved prime vendors and their team industry partners across seven geographical zones. The basic contract is a multiple award vehicle for companies holding prime contracts. SeaPort Enhanced task activities are offered for bid and are electronically administered after award through a Navy website. The SeaPort-e portal provides a standardized means of issuing competitive solicitations amongst a large & diverse community of approved contractors, as well as a platform for awarding & managing performance-based task orders. This unified approach allows SeaPort-e service procurement teams to leverage their best work products, practices, & approaches across the Navy's critical service business sector.

Task Orders Received
  • N00178-09-D-5741-0001 [Here]


HBMG's Quality Assurance Program
Ability to monitor and maximize quality. Quality is a matter of meeting explicit requirements and expectations. To assure that project deliverables are high quality, HBMG focuses first on gathering all requirements and expectations, documenting them in an understandable format, prioritizing them and reaching consensus with the client on those that are to be satisfied by the project and those that should be deferred for future consideration. Deferred requirements play an important part in architecting and designing a solution that is extensible to address anticipated future requirements. Quality can not be tested into a poor architecture or design. It must be instilled by laying out a solid, complete architecture as the first step in designing in quality. Architecture lays down a blueprint and definitions that assure the pieces fit when they are finally integrated and determines the style for design and implementation. Architecture presents a model of the system that is an early way to get assurance that the ultimate project output will satisfy customer needs. It also provides early definition of component functionality and interfaces so that cost effective test requirements and tests can be defined and built to be ready on time when the project gets to the testing stage. It enables managing the project better by componentizing the effort. This importance of architecture is why HBMG is staffed with people with architecture skills, experience, and mind frame.

The companion best practice is thorough review, testing, or verification, as a part of each development phase to assure that all requirements and expectations are being addressed and met correctly and that the total solution will perform as expected. Each problem discovered and corrected in an early phase of a project prevents the introduction of multiple problems in work based on that phase that will need to be corrected by latter phases as they are discovered. Discovering problems before they surface in the field is the best way to assure the delivery of a quality product to the warfighter. No test requirement should be ignored or test be skipped to meet schedule. Otherwise, problems will occur in the field where they much more costly to fix.

Statistical techniques and models are also important to monitoring and maximizing quality both during the project and in its deployment. HBMG incorporates these into its project plans. One the members of our team, Signature Science, specializes in statistical data evaluation for quality assurance and quality control programs.

HBMG SeaPort-e Team Members

AT&T Government Solutions

AT&T Government Solutions, headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, provides integrated IT solutions to the Federal government. They are a SeaPort Enhanced prime under contract number N00178-05-D-4193. It has received these task orders: N00178-05-D-4193-EH01; N00178-05-D-4193-MUT1; and N00178-05-D-4193-NW01.

Recent Experience

3.5 System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support: Support to the USN Center for Information Dominance in Pensacola. Support is provided to the Center in the areas of Network Engineering,Systems Administration, LAN/WAN Maintenance and Administration,Technical Analysis, Training Support Systems, and Credential and Certification Support.

3.12 IS/IA/IT: Supportto the Navy’s Information Operations war fighting capabilities by providing technical and analytical support services to the Naval Network Warfare Command. The primary organization for this support is the Navy Information Operations Command Norfolk and subordinate commands NIOC San Diego, CA and NIOC Whidbey Island, WA. Additional support is provided to the Naval Computer Incident Response Team, now called Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command. This support encompasses the mission areas of Information Operations and Information Warfare,including support for missions, function, and tasks related to:Information Operations (all areas); Fleet training; strategic,operational and tactical planning; operational support and reach back;functional data management; Fleet IO requirements; experimentation;tactics evaluation; doctrine development; systems assessment;information technology management and administration; engineering and technical; and management & professional support services.

3.18 Training: AT&T provided training-life-cycle support to the SPAWAR Institute for the Integrated Shipboard Network System and the Submarine Local Area Network, Tactical Integrated Digital System. We provided room instruction and curricula development at Afloat Training Group Atlanticand Fleet Combat Training Center Pacific, Mobile Training Teams, and afloat Rider Training Support. Instructors also supported the up keep and configuration requirements of the classroom. Training was accomplished in accordance with the Integrated Battle Force Training Schedules.

3.20 Program Support:AT&T Government Solutions, Inc continues its more than 40 years of providing acquisition and management support services to the Submarine Sensor Systems Program Office for Imaging and Electronic Warfare Programs. AT&T-GSI has delivered and continues to provide professional,technical and analytical support to PMS 435 I&EW programs in the areas of acquisition support, system modernization and conversion,business financial management, engineering support, system production and deployment support, logistics (including training and configuration management), and project management support to the following programs:AN/BLQ-10 Sea Sentry, Integrated Submarine Communications Receiving System (ISCRS), AN/BVS-1 Photonics Mast, Integrated Submarine Imaging System (ISIS), Universal Modular Mast (UMM), and In-service Submarine Electronic Warfare Support Systems.

21st Century Technologies

21st Century Technologies, an 8(a) certified woman-owned small business in Austin, Texas, creates best-in-breed solutions that make a positive impact on the global community. 21CT's core technical competencies are graph pattern matching, image processing, genetic algorithms, natural language processing, machine learning, complex network modeling, data mining, data fusion, game theory, and group detection. 21CT has applied these core competencies to perform asset/resource planning and logistics, image processing, container stacking optimization, document classification, sensitive information disclosure violation detection,knowledge extraction, text extraction, link analysis on large data sets,social network analysis, suspicious cargo identification at national borders, asymmetric threat detection, and computer network intrusion/vulnerability identification and mitigation. In addition, 21CT offers Information Technology (IT) Services that support the design, development, implementation, administration, maintenance and improvement of databases, networks, and systems.

Recent Experience

3.6 Software: Lackland Air Force Base, Texas - 21st Century Technologies (21CT), a pioneer in advanced intelligence analytics solutions to combat terrorist threats and cyber attacks, was awarded the three-year contract in June 2009 by Air Force Research Lab’s Rome, N.Y. directorate to implement 21CT’s flagship advanced intelligence analytics platform, Lynxeon, to enhance the cyber defenses of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) components. This project is managed by the National Air and Space Intelligence Center(NASIC) ACO Information Operations Threat Analysis Flight.

The performance location is Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, which in May was provisionally selected as the preferred location to host the 24th Air Force, the new numbered air force that will focus on cyber security. The Air Force will make the final basing decision once the environmental process required under the National Environmental Policy Act is completed this summer. Once established, the 24th Air Force, or Cyber NAF, will be a key agency defending Air Force networks and supporting the DoD’s new Cyber Command, which was announced by U.S.Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on June 24, 2009.

3.12 IS/IA/IT: Air Force Air Logistics Center - 21CT received the Category I AFM Caward for the DISA CONUS Global Information Grid (GIG) Facilities of the Year for fiscal year 2008. 21CT’s customized IT solution led to increased productivity, cost savings and improved information support to the Air Force Logistics Control (ALC) and DoD operations and missions.

Included in its mission were management of the ALC’s IT Directorate data center, software development, database administration, configuration management, and quality assurance. Additionally, the contract required the aggressive consolidation of servers base-wide; reducing servers by over 50 percent and centralizing server control at the Air Force Air Logistics Centers.

21CT was recognized for implementing process improvements, procedures and documentation that increased productivity and cut costs. 21CT’s award-winning accomplishments to the Air Force Air Logistics Centers are a testimony to its ability to sustain superior performance.

3.3 Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support:Picatinny Arsenal, NJ - The Configured Load Building Toolkit (CLBT) is a suite of advanced logistics support tools that creates customized and optimal loads that maximizes the available space of storage facilities and conveyances subject to physical constraints. CLBT provides 3D graphics and detailed instructions, in a step-by-step manner that describes how to build optimal loads. This GOTS software product has resulted in reduced cost, increased safety and increased flexibility for transportation and storage of materials and ammunition for the U.S.Army. In 2004 CLBT was recognized with an award for Runner Up in the U.S. Army Greatest Inventions Program for the Armament Research,Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. 21CT provided development support through 2008 to Picatinny Arsenal and continues to provide updates and end-user support for CLBT.

CLBT has been adapted to span several logistics domains, including trucks, planes and igloo ammunition storage facilities. CLBT applies state-of-the-art optimization algorithms, developed by 21CT’s in-house scientific staff, to ensure that all loads and configurations comply with all DoD restrictions for required strapping and tie-downs, proper placement and separation between volatile elements and hazardous materials (HAZMAT), and proper load distribution, including center of gravity and height and weight restrictions. CLBT produces "cut-away”diagrams using 3D graphics. These diagrams are produced not only for the final load, but at each intermediate step building the building of the load. At each step in the load building activity,CLBT produces staged instructions for placing each pallet (or component of the load), with proper positioning, sequence, tie-down information.A sequence of 3D images and instructions allows minimally-trained,non-technical personnel to achieve the same level of safety and optimality with custom loads as would ordinarily only be possible using strictly predefined standard loads and configurations. The result of this capability is much greater flexibility in the military’s ability to get the required materials and ammunition where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, with minimal cost and risks to the personnel and the mission.

Security Sage Overdrive

SSO is a technology security company in Montreal focused on delivering secure products and solutions to the market and their clients. It provides consulting services in managed services, communications management,attack mitigation, infrastructure security, and information assurance auditing. SSO’s electronic connections management service is a web-based management service designed to facilitate the process for fulfillment of connectivity requests, and the management of risks associated to electronic connections from one organization's network to branch offices and external parties. SSO’s key capability is in Secure Collaboration.

Recent Experience (over the past 3 years)

3.2 Engineering Support, 3.5 System Des Doc/Tech Data, and 3.6 Software: For Motorola, worked to develop North American WAN that centralized operations and allows the management of the corporate infrastructure.External Connections Management for Motorola – Process Development,Management, Security Policy Maintenance. New processes were designed and proposed to be put in place through analysis of existing day to day activities, identification of risks in existing process, and the development of a new process to eliminated these risks. Developed training manuals and certification materials for process support as part of an effort to solidify the day-to-day processing of Motorola’s external connections management process. External Connections Management for Motorola – Management and Development of Tools. External Connections Management for Motorola – Process Engineering, Firewall Traffic Analysis, Protocol Analysis, Connection Infrastructure and Asset Audit. Program support for Motorola’s day to day external business request process. Governance, business analysis, planning,budgeting, resource management.

3.6 Software: Performed Technical Analysis for the Max Capital Group, recommended and implemented service oriented architecture to allow the development of new .NET based assets for existing legacy global re-insurance system.Migrated old assets. Developed and implemented test plans,methodology, and test cases.

3.6 Software: AtCooper Power Systems & 3E identified key business and technology assets within two organizations that are proposed to purchase and integrate with each other, for the power industry.

3.12 IS/IA/IT: Architectured extension of legacy ERP system of PR Nissen Ltd to allow for development of expansion reporting tools and application add-ons innew environments. Developed North American WAN that centralized operations and allowed the management of the corporate infrastructure.

Signature Science

SignatureScience, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a world-class provider of innovative and responsive technical solutions. Its experienced technical staff and advanced laboratory facilities provide capabilities in CBRN, counter-proliferation, and defense as well as on traditional environmental monitoring problems in the areas of: Microbiology,Engineering, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Statistics, Radio chemistry,Toxicology, and CBRN Sampler Design and has extensive experience conducting field operations in the areas of CBRN sampling, analysis,and site inspections. It provides broad-based QA oversight and quality management programs that draw on expertise from a wide range of technical disciplines supported by sound statistical science with the goals of mitigating potential error rates and process failures.


RS&H, whose tradition began in 1941, is a facilities and infrastructure consulting firm whose client-centered program structure provides value-added solutions to clients around the world. Offices are located in 11 Florida cities, as well as California, Colorado,Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio,Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington DC. RS&H’s market sector programs include Aerospace and Defense; Aviation; Commercial;Institutional; Public Infrastructure; and Transportation. Construction Engineering Inspection services are provided through its subsidiary,RS&H CS.

Recent Experience

3.16 Logistics Support: Jacksonville Port Authority - RS&H is providing the Jacksonville Port Authority(JAXPORT) with Administrative Engineering Support services (AES) under a three-year General Consultant contract. Services are provided through task work orders and can encompass a broad range of multi discipline port and intermodal services, from transportation engineering and planning to facility design and program management. The contract also requires coordination with the appropriate agencies to identify the relevant transportation plans, projects and studies potentially impacting transportation connections/ access to and from JAXPORT marine terminals; development of geographic information systems(GIS) maps; assessment of similarities and differences between the plans or projects; and preparation of planning-level cost estimates for the plans or projects.

3.13 Inactivation and Disposal Support: Gate Petroleum Company - Blount Island is strategically located on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida, eight miles up river from the Atlantic Ocean. In the early 1970s, Offshore Power Systems (OPS)selected Blount Island as a site to manufacture floating nuclear power plants. Although much of the manufacturing infrastructure was constructed, the facility closed in 1982. Gate Petroleum Company of Jacksonville subsequently purchased the 780-acre site and retained RS&H to create alternative conceptual development plans stressing potential uses and feasibility of developing the existing site. An inventory of existing conditions and projected needs included water and waste water systems, transportation network, dredging permits, existing structures and environmental concerns. As part of the master planning efforts, RS&H worked closely with the Jacksonville Port Authority and the Jacksonville Electric Authority to determine their potential expanded needs on the island. These needs included expanded dredging and bulk heading for additional docking and port facilities, utilization of an existing slipway and the feasibility of using an in-place 900-metric-ton crane.

3.2 Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support: Nassau County Ocean, Highway, and Port Authority - RS&H has been the general engineering consultant for the Nassau County Ocean, Highway, and Port Authority for the last six years. Most of the effort has concentrated on the major freight port and the Fernandina area otherwise known as the Port of Fernandina. RS&H has partnered with the Port to successfully complete a wide range of projects including the design and construction of warehouse facilities,entrance/gate improvements, grading and drainage as well as wharf expansion and maintenance. Services have included preliminary planning, cost estimating, preparation of design documents which includes plans bidding packages and specifications, and special studies such as the corrosion evaluation of existing structures. 


OverwatchSystems Tactical Operations (Overwatch TacOps) develops and markets intelligence analysis products and custom intelligence systems. Our team of skilled systems engineers utilizes 21st century technology to develop products that set a new standard for the future of analysis.

OverwatchTacOps is motivated by a relentless demand for operational excellence, a passion for what we do, as well as enabling meaningful interoperability and information sharing between agencies and organizations within the intelligence community. Overwatch TacOps is capable of providing timely and technologically advanced solutions focused on the intelligence requirements for tomorrow’s warfighter.

Our integrated suite of products provide the Intelligence threat assessment intothe Joint/Army situational awareness picture and deliver joint interoperability among tactical systems such as Global Command and Control System, Army Battle Command Systems, and emerging programs such as Prophet, FCS and the Distributed Common Ground Station.

Overwatch Tactical Operations is the main supplier of intelligence software for the Army’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS-A), software provider for the Situational Awareness and data fusion functions supporting the Future Combat Systems (FCS), lead software developer for the Army’s SIGINT Program – Prophet and primary developer for the Army’s Human Terrain System (HTS).

Overwatch Tactical Operations also provides additional software capabilities and toolsincluding AXIS PRO, Viper Collaborative and Solution Framework, Counter intelligence HUMINT Analysis System, Measurements and Signatures Intelligence Toolkit, Signals Intelligence collection and analysis functionality, and a suite of tools to support Civil Affairs and PSYOPS activities.

OverwatchSystems Tactical Operations (Overwatch TacOps) maintains a Quality Management System that is certified by Intertek Testing Services as ISO9001:2000 and AS9100 since June 2004. The certification covers all functions at Overwatch TacOps. Intertek conducts annual surveillance audits, facilitated by the Overwatch TacOps Quality Director. In February 2007, Overwatch TacOps reached an agreement with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) that Overwatch’s Earned Value Management System (EVMS) was in conformance with ANSI/EAI Standard 748, EVMS and DFAR 252.234-7000.

Overwatch TacOps was appraised in April 2007 as having Software Engineering Institute CMMI Maturity Level 5 capability for the SE/SW Version. The Quality Management System provides the basis and framework for ongoing audits and surveillances such as Sarbanes – Oxley Financial and IT requirements, DCAA and DIA security processes, and HR government standards. 

Thomas P. Miller and Associates (TPMA)

Thomas P. Miller and Associates(TPMA) was founded in 1989 by Tom Miller with the vision of incorporating human capital development into the mainstream of economic development strategy. From that original vision has grown a firm that brings a uniquely well-rounded and balanced approach to its work through its emphasis on sound quantitative research, informed by the unique perspectives and observations of those who live and work in the communities it assists. With a long and rich history of partnering with regions, cities, counties, and states in developing sustainable business plans and strategies to execute those plans, the TPMA team recognizes the importance and connectedness of what we call the essentials of sustainable economic development: education and training; workforce development, attraction and retention; infrastructure enhancement; and multi-sector partnership building.

Services and Capabilities Include

  • Strategic planning
  • Research and analysis
  • Marketing strategy and services
  • Grant writing
  • Executive outsourcing
  • Organizational development and metrics

Federal Government Industry Classifications

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)
Product Service Codes (PSC)
Recent Experience

Crane NavalWarfare Center (Crane, IN)

TPMA personnel have extensive prior experience working with Crane in several areas:

(1) Business and Process Re-engineering conducted at Crane across all business functions--both support (finance, IT, public works, materials management) and direct(engineering,
maintenance and repair, logistics, program management, etc). The Crane B&PR received national acclaim. It served as the prototype for a US Navy policy change on re-engineering
installations, subsequently adopted as an all-service guidance by the Department of Defense. The Crane B&PR remains a leading case study for improving cost reduction/performance
enhancement on military facilities.

(2) Providedsupport to Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Office of Technology Transfer(and especially with the Power Systems activity) in developing new "workingwith the private sector” policy and guidance.


Steve Gootee
Ph: (812) 384-3587

Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)

TPMA was engaged by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) in the development of Indiana’s new strategic economic development plan, conducting focus groups throughout the state. Released in April 2006, Accelerating Growth has astrong regional focus. It embraces traditional business attraction and retention strategies, while also focusing attention on driving innovation,entrepreneurial initiatives and human capital strategies.


Nathan Feltman, Former President
Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)
Ph: 317-237-1263

Purdue University(West Lafayette, IN)

Purdue University’s Office of Engagement developed the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) to provide technical and engineering assistance to Indiana businesses. Purdue retained TPMA to actively reach out to targeted central Indiana businesses and discuss potential partnership opportunities. Purdue also contracted with TPMA to provide initial outreach in support of Purdue’s new center for regional economic development. As an outgrowth of this, TPMA represented Purdue in community decision-making processes, marketed TAP and established strategic technology alliances. TPMA has been involved in three different TAP engagements and been successful in securing major funding for the initiative.


Victor Lechtenberg, Vice Provost
Purdue University
Ph: (765) 494-9095


Technology Service Corporation is a high technology company specializing in cradle to grave sensor development and support.

Recent Experience

R&D Support XXXXX-02-C-6916: Homar Rivera NSWCDD540-653-2273

Marine Corps Systems Support N00178-04-D-4139-FC01: CPT W.A.Walls USMC (703) 432-4059

AEGIS Tube Support N00164-01-D-0039: Denise Yvette AndersonNSWC Crane, 812.854.5176,