Today more than ever before, business success is based on highly interconnected relationships. Driven by horizontal convergence, technological advances, and superior foresight, HBMG delivers many advantages to our customers.

We recognize that our firm’s values and culture have a direct impact on the results we deliver. We aim to: 
  • Deliver meaningful results to our clients.
  • Be the best at what we do.
  • Be leaders in developing and applying significant, new concepts.
  • Be a stable and profitable business.
  • Be stronger as a team than we are as individuals.
  • Maintain an extraordinary level of both quality and productivity.
  • Respect and value everyone at HBMG as a person, not just as an employee.
We succeed in what we do (which is some of the most innovative and challenging work in business today) because of our deeply collaborative culture and by using what we sell: tools, services and strategy. Our values and our culture help create deep, lasting relationships with clients and colleagues alike—the relationships that make HBMG such a great place to work.


HBMG began when founder, Manuel Zarate, was hired to work on the Texas Toll Authority’s website for the SH130 project. Manuel developed what has become the cornerstone software for the organization, the eManagers Collaboration suite. In the beginning, HBMG lived a tiny office with a tilting floor that shook when trains passed by. Kris Dages, the company’s second employee, held on to his monitor, hoping it wouldn’t fall off his desks as he developed software.

What a long way the company has come. With roots in web development, to its 2001 incorporation, to HBMG's current focus on Content and Business Process Management, Strategy, Collaboration, and Professional and Managed Services HBMG has grown rabidly and dynamically! HBMG's first contract was with HDR Engineering in 2002, but established relationships with numerous engineering firms and the state of Texas, and now has a presence in 17 states nationally.

As the company has grown, it has also made an effort to give back to the community. The HBMG Foundation started over a decade ago to fulfill that commitment. The Foundation participates and facilitates creativity in the arts community in Austin, Texas, where the company and the foundation are headquartered. 

With big dreams and great people, HBMG sees no limit on future possibilities. HBMG believes it has the people, processes, and procedures in place to have a wide-reaching national impact.